Oh K! Panda Fibre Face Mask Review

Panda Packaging.jpg

So I was super excited to try this Korean Panda Sheet Mask… wait a second! Why are all the words in English, Spanish, and… French? (I’m not sure, I can’t read French) Upon careful inspection of this sheet mask I found that it was “inspired”, but not actually, a Korean Sheet mask… also it was made in China so many nations joined together to provide the most sincere form of flattery to Korean Sheet Masks. REGARDLESS! I want to be a panda face, so let this Green Tea & Apple “Korean” Face mask from Paper Source Review commence!

First impression…

The mask is DRENCHED in fluid and smelled like fresh apples. It was actually so saturated in fluid that it began weight the mask down and slide down my face! I recommend turning on your favorite show and just lying on your back for this one.

Though cute, this mask will slip right off your face if you don’t lay back and relax… yes my right eye is open because I’m aiming the camera okay?? aiming is hard!

After the first 3 minutes I began to feel a icy-hot menthol sensation on my face and I wasn’t sure if I should take it off my face. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but was quite unexpected as many of the traditional sheet masks that I have tried do not have such sensation. The instructions said to avoid contact with lips and eyes… so to avoid product getting onto those areas I blotted with a tissue and relaxed for 20 minutes. The tingling did get on my lips a little… (why make a product not meant for the lips and then cut the TINIEST mouth hole?) But no pain persisted so all is forgiven.

2016-12-28 17.54.29.jpg
Note the TINY mouth hole… only relevant because the ingredients are not meant for the lips and they tingle!

Also I followed my typical sheet mask ritual of slathering the extra serum on my hands and arms… they felt cold, but no serious side effects… I wouldn’t recommend rubbing it on your hands in the winter though (brr)! 

After 20 minutes… the mask was still quite wet, but I removed it for fear that the ingredients were not meant to stay on the face for extended periods of time. The areas where I have issues with pores near the sides of my nose and on my chin were starting to tingle a little before I removed the mask. The instructions stated that the mask serum after removal of the panda face should be massaged into your skin. Any remainder should be wiped with a dry cloth. I always like a good excuse to perform a face massage for scar tissue mobilization as well as lymphatic drainage. Upward & outwards motions people!

Final Thoughts…

My skin has not been OVERLY dry recently but I do have a picture to show my fine lines under my eyes when my skin is slightly dehydrated in the winter.

Before and after.jpg
I look like a cross-eyed monster. My under eye bags look pretty good too in the after picture looking back on it now!

I know, I know, my fine lines are not SUPER prominent. But in the before picture when I smile, there are crows feet as well as lines extending from my under eye area (which mainly happens when my skin is a little dry). On the after picture, I still have my deeper set lines directly under my eyes, but those dehydration lines in the periphery are barely visible. Hours after application my skin still felt nice and smooth. Now let’s get into the product rating…

**UPDATE*** 2 hours after the mask, I had dinner and some of the juice obviously ended up in my mouth, it left a strange sensation in my gums… kinda gross.

SENSATION (5 being the best feeling ever, 0 being disgusting)


I’m a complete baby I know, but if a product is going to get on my lips and make my gums feel weird I would like a warning or instruction to wipe my lips CLEAN after application. I don’t know if the numbing sensation is necessary for the skin care ingredients to work their magic… but my eyes definitely got a little irritated as well. I tried my best but I would NOT recommend this product for those with sensitive eyes or big lips… My lips are like… average sized I think and the corners kept dripping serum INTO the crease of my mouth. Design is a big thumbs down.


RESULTS (5 stars being a miracle for the face, 0 stars being, does nothing)


THANKFULLY this mask actually does a good job overall. I was worried that the cuteness factor would lead to the product just being a mask with water on it. You get a lot of product and your skin feels refreshed afterwards. I would recommend this product for spa time with friends and family as it is adorable and actually works… but personally I don’t think I would go out and buy another mask from this brand. I’m interested in seeing how well this would work for mature skin… but as a young 25-year-old spud the hassle of the tingle wasn’t worth the slight firming and plumpness. (Also I think this is expensive compared to other Korean sheet masks…)

Interested in purchasing this product? It’s available on amazon (at the moment) Here

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******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by any brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. Links in this post are part of the amazon affiliates program.*******



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