How to Halloween: Majoras Mask

So I’m a make up nerd… Old school video game nerd… and recently got into face/body painting.

I’m not really an artist… but I LOVE make up art.

I was really inspired by Mimi Choi (Go check her out on instagram!) Who does illusion make up.

She made her face.

Look like.

A mask.



So I got to thinking… mask? mask…? Majora’s mask. One of my favorite old school games of all time.


So here’s the look!



  1. First go sketch out the patterns of Majoras mask using an eyebrow marker. I used the  NYX Eyebrow marker, I also blocked out my eyebrows using a washable Elmers Glue Stick, and setting that with Coty Airspun Translucent Powder. Some people could skip this step but I got BUSHY brows.
1. Eye brow marker
Zelda shirt…. okay I’ll stop with the nerding out. 


2. Using the  Mehron Body Paint Palette which is only primary colors I filled in the colors by mixing a purple (with red and blue), as well as filled in the red, and orange with super cheap Acrylic Paint Brushes. For the eyes, the yellow fades into the orange so I used by fingers (with the little help of an ecotools make up sponge) to tap and blend the edges while the product was still wet.

2. Color.png

3. Start to fill in the black outlines, and the white detailing lines. I waited for the white to dry and did a second layer to make it opaque. pro tip: Mix the white super watery and it will be more opaque with one swipe!

3. Lines.png
Make sure you make a super unattractive fish face or the look will be ruined. 

4. Fill in the green eyes (make sure they are centered!) and Put black shadows on the top left side of your face and bottom R to create the mask illusion.

4. shadows
Ignore the hot glue on the back of my mirror…. Once upon a time I tried to hot glue it to something… it didn’t end well. (Great story Rica) 

5. Using a cool toned eyeshadow, blend the edges into your skin tone. I also used my black pen eyeliner (I like using this physician’s formula for this because it’s also removable with water just like the paints, so easy to fix mess ups)

Screenshot 2018-10-04 06.57.17.png

6. Then add the finishing touches! White highlights on the eyes, deepen/straighten our your lines… Then do absolutely nothing to your hair because this took waay to much time to be bothered with hair.

Check my other nerdy make up looks on my instagram!

I post looks there first, then tutorials here on my blog.

Have a happy halloween!


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