Halloween Leg Muscle Tutorial: Anatomically Correct Quadriceps


I got body paint and I’m SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEEN!

If you want to see the full glory of this look check out my Instagram for the video(s):

Tutorial here

Here’s the written out steps to the video tutorial

1. Taking NYX Eyebrow marker, outline the edges of the muscles based on your own muscular structure. I just flexed my Quad to find where my quads start and end.

I based my picture on basic anatomical knowledge but here’s a good diagram:

I also included that white fascial tissue on the side of your leg called the IT band, the white pop of color looked good with all the red

2. Put down a base shade of pink (I mixed the red and white in my Mehron Body Paint Palette), and used a cheap set of Acrylic Paint Brushes.

3. Next your going to draw red lines, mixed red/brown lines, and black lines going from thick to narrow as you get to the center of the muscle. I like to use the thick flat acrylic brush so I can adjust the width.

4. Final Step of finishing the muscle, I use a new brush for ONLY white paint and highlight the center of the muscles.

5. Repeat for all your desired muscles.

6. For the knee cap and the patellar tendon I used the Ecotools blending sponge to blend in the shadows and edges, adding brown for the shadows of the bone.


And that’s it my friends for this super easy tutorial!



If you have any questions leave it in the comments section below!





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