Ulta 21 Days of Beauty: Sensitive skin, Silicone Free Picks


Ulta just dropped their 21 days of beauty sale starting TODAY!

This is when everyday for 21 days there are different name brand make up and skin care products that are heavy discounted, so it’s a perfect time to give them a try!

Check it out! www.ulta.com/21days/

I have super sensitive skin, and I’m always on the hunt for low silicone or silicone free products to avoid break outs!

Check out my silicone free lists here and powders that are silicone free here

So I wanted to highlight some of the sensitive skin favorites for this sale!

September 2nd: 1st Day!


One of the few silicone free primers. They do sell a travel size if you miss this one on the first day of the sale. If Too Faced isn’t your thing, or you prefer drug store this Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer is also silicone free and has caffeine in it!

Lime Crime.PNG

Also on the first day, the matte shades in these lime crime palettes are also silicone free! My eyelid area is weirdly not sensitive to silicones as long as I have a primer on them, but if you have issues with small break outs this might be the way to go! (The Venus III: Pink shades do have dimethicone in them)


September 6th


This Murad Moisturizer is very low on silicones, Phenyl Trimethicone is the 15th ingredient, and it has dimethicone at the very end of the ingredient list. It does have oils so I would use it as a night time moisturizer!


September 8th

ABH brow.PNG

Hydrogen Dimethicone is the 11th ingredient…. but this is a super hyped product and I’ve always wanted to try it!


September 9th

IT brushes.PNG

Also not related to silicones… but have good brushes that you keep nice and clean is the key to clear skin! And I KNOW IT brushes are amazing…. please take all my money.


September 11th


Hate getting those pesky pimples around your lips? Try a good lip product. I LOVE My Buxom lip liners and they never break me out. “Hush Hush” is my favorite shade!


September 15th


I do really like this mostly silicone free brand… but I tried a different moisturizer from them and it had this Icy Hot type sensation that I HATED. This doesn’t seem to market that so maybe I’ll give this moisturizer a try…


September 19th


This is like the day of skin care. Juice Beauty is a mostly silicone free brand and they’re known for their clean beauty. I’ll definitely be giving this a try!


They also have a cluster of interesting skin care brand items, some from K beauty… and a pillow case that’s antimicrobial… I kinda want to try that.


What are you going to buy during this sale??

I’m… too addicted to make up…


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