Best Beauty Deals of the Week 1: Never pay full price

Introduction to the series:

Hello everyone! Obviously I am an intense beauty addict… and in addition, an avid couponeer. Honestly, if there is an item I’m eyeing, and it’s full price… I will try to use all of my will power to wait until there is a sale or a coupon before purchasing.  Since I am always hunting for the best deals, I thought I would share them with my viewers. If you want to continue getting updates on the best beauty deals and my recommendations make sure to follow my page. I anticipate that this series will be mostly drugstore, with the occasional hidden high-end product (but those rarely go on sale). I don’t like to include Buy1 Get1 50% deals (because you have to buy 2 to get a mediocre deal) and will be hunting mostly for coupons, cash back, BOGO 1 free, and super money saving deals and specials.

Before we get started I wanted to say that my personal opinions about products will be what biases these posts and that I’m not being paid, or have any monetary gain from these weekly blog post. Now that all this legal stuff is outta the way… Let’s play!

My bias this week

This section is just to inform about any biases I might have while looking through beauty deals.

I’ll be posting a review later this week that explains more in depth, but my skin is drowning in its own oils recently. This week I’ve been especially stuck on foundations and products to stop my oiliness, and will avoid products I know irritate my sensitive skin like the plague…

Ulta: Nyx, Real Techniques, Make up Revolution

Don’t forget that at ulta you can use a $3.50 off coupon when you purchase >$15 on drugstore items! That makes these deals even sweeter wouldn’t you say?

1. ulta nyx.png
BOGO 1 free?? YES PLEASE! Unfortunately lip products are not included in this deal….
1. Ulta recommendations.png
(ULTA) Items with green hearts are those that I have tried, and recommend. Items with yellow stars are those that are HYPED (an internet star told me it was good and I always wanted to try it)

The Nyx microbrow pencil is known as a dupe for the Anastasia brow wiz, if you always wanted to try this product, now is the time to do it!

I actually really like the Matte Liquid Liner. It glides on easily, and doesn’t crumble. (unless you rub your eyes, or take a nap, or take a swim) It’s great for everyday and ultra black.

Could you tell I’m looking to try out some Nyx powder products? I already know I like the Hot Singles Eyeshadows, I own the green shade and it’s creamy and easy to use. It’s not the MOST pigmented or the MOST long lasting, but its great for everyday looks. It made me want to try the prismatic eyeshadows, which I hear are gorgeous. The Ombre Blush in mauve just calls my name. I want it for hype, and I want it because its soooo pretty lookin’. I feel like I could get dramatic by using the bottom half, and sheer for everyday by using the top half. Someone also told me that the Avant Pop! palettes were BAWB and I don’t need more eyeshadow… but I want it so bad.


2. Real techniques.png
(ULTA) Guys, guys. Brushes changed my make up game so hard. I have lots of friends that I’m trying to convert into artists by convincing them to use brushes more often…. But brushes can be expensive. Real techniques is known to be an affordable drug store brand, so if your not using eyeshadow, powder, and foundation brushes… Do it. NOW.


3. Make up revolution and others.png
So many B2G1 Free! However, ulta is more expensive than other drug stores such as Walmart for Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal, and Almay so I think it wouldn’t end up being an amazing deal… BUT make up revolution has some amazing palettes and dupes for high end make up that I’ve always wanted to try!
3. MUREV.png
Any packaging fanatics out there? Make up forever is known to take inspiration from many different brands. These Too Faced (packaging) dupes made me have a heart attack. I have also heard good things about the quality, so if you always wanted the chocolate bar or one of the sisters, or a beautiful heart shaped powder (I hear Goddess of love highlighter is bawb)… Buy 2 and get 1 free! Maybe share with a friend? Share with your family members! Share with your dog!



Amazon: Revlon, Loreal

Did you know Amazon has coupons? I love amazon, but make sure your keeping track of the pricing changes. They tend to increase prices as demand increases.

4. Amazon.png
Take note that the $2 coupon for Loreal foundation is a Subscribe & Save deal so you HAVE to subscribe to get it on a 2-6monthly basis to get it. You can technically cancel anytime, but I think you need to be a prime member.

Some people SWEAR by the revlon colorstay foundation. It looked a little heavy for my taste, but this was before my recent skin changes (I changed hormone meds and now am a complete grease ball). Apparently this is the holy grail for oily skin I might pick up this product again. The Loreal infallible foundation is also a great drug store find (Pro glow for dry skin, pro matte for oily skin). There is also a total cover… but that one broke me out (see full day review here).

I’ve also heard amazing things about the Black detox mask from Loreal… my skin is crying right now so I’ll give it a shot and let you guys know what I think!



CVS: Physician’s formula, MUA, Sally Hansen

Along with these deals, if you purchase a lot of beauty items at CVS

5. CVS.png
If you purchase online, all full priced beauty items are 25% off



For those of you who are not familiar with CVS, they have deals all the time that change weekly. They also have “extrabucks” or “extracare bucks” which are dollars that can be spent on anything all CVS. You earn them buy purchasing certain items such as $12 worth of physician’s formula products this week. After purchasing you get $8 right away to spend on whatever your heart desires. I recommend the Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, or their bronzers. I’ve also tried their mineral powders, which are good for light coverage (because if your build it up its gets cakey). They don’t irritate my acne sensitive skin… but they also have a terrible shade range. 

Honestly I haven’t really tried anything from Make up academy, but BOGO 1 free is a pretty good deal for an affordable brand. Maybe I’ll take this opportunity to try it! Sally Hansen also has some decent nail polishes if you wanted to try some new shades. I’m banned from purchasing new polishes… but that gel polish looks super appealing… Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


Retailer & Walmart Coupons

6. retailer.png

If you go to or, you can find everyday deals for drugstore items. Cosmetic coupons are not super common, but this week L’oreal is having some great sales. I heard that Loreal hair mask was an excellent product, and a $2 coupon isn’t so shabby!


Thanks for reading this weeks series! Did I miss any good deals? Should I include Sephora sale items and other drug stores? Let me know! Happy Shopping!


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