Cutting a cat eye: using negative space

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This looks great if you have monolids, or you just are a pro at making a smokey eye and wanted to Vamp up your cat eye eyeliner.

1. Create a dramatic smokey eye: really blend up the crease closer to your eyebrow than an everyday look.  Take a rich dark pigment on your outer corners emphasized that outer V

2. Use micellar water on a Q-tip and drag it across your lash line with an upwards flick towards the end of your eyebrow where your winged liner would go. This creates that sharp negative space that’ll make the winged eyeliner pop

3. Draw your winged liner as you normally would once all the micellar water dries off of your eyelid.

4. Use a matte light powder over the area where you erased your eyeshadow with the micellar water the “negative space”.

5. Tight line and emphasize your natural lashes. No falsies here, people. It might just cover up all the work you did

Products used:

Too faced chocolate bar palette
Luxe blending brush
Colourpop pressed eyeshadow in Silver Lining
Garnier Micellar water (pink cap)
Physicians formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum in Brown
Covergirl supersizer mascara in waterproof


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