DIY on Amazon: Risky at home beauty projects… that you should’ve probably “Left it to the Professionals”…

I love a good DIY.

It’s cheap. And you put your own sweat and tears to make something substantial…

But sometimes it’s just not worth it… or maybe.. DANGEROUS?

Here are a couple DIY projects I have either undertaken or considered seriously because I can have my next mad scientist explosion ready and shipped to my house in 2 days…


DIY Hair bleach & Temporary hair Dye:

Hair bleach.png
You can seriously damage your hair if you bleach it at home… BUT I DID IT ANYWAYS. I did do it in 3 phases(so short periods of time, multiple times), with only slight damage but I think it looks goood…. also I’ve bought a pink hair dye as well so I can color my blonde tips occasionally 

DIY Henna:

Yea the cones were cheap, and the henna was nice and dark.. but the tip NOT precise enough to do anything but make moles on your skin… I’m not a noob at tattoo designs either… I ordered a needle gauge and will  update you on any changes!

DIY: Brewing Kombucha at home:

I love these little probiotics. They helped clear my skin and regulate my sensitive tummy. It takes a lot of work and time but its MUCH cheaper than buying this drink consistently. When summer rolls around I will restart my Kombucha farm. 

You run the risk of growing some pretty nasty bacteria when you do this and need to clean things VERY thoroughly with intense cleaning vinegar…. just beware guys.

DIY Eyelash perming:
DID NOT ATTEMPT.. I’m scared. 

Youtuber Tina Yong got a Lash Lift which is essentially a perm for your lashes so they have a permanent curl. For someone with STICK STRAIGHT lashes it sounds like a dream… but no lash places do this procedure in my area… Amazon sells a DIY kit… and I’m afraid to blind myself.

Tina yong.JPG
BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD… BUT I MIGHT BE BLIND… but lashes would be fleeky?

DIY acrylic dice lamp:

I made a lamp out of plexi-glass in the shape of Dice (like the kind you gamble with)… it took FOREVER and I almost lost part of my finger skin. This glue is NO JOKE and changes the chemical composition of 2 pieces of acrylic so it fuses… also I almost passed out because the fumes are strong… Probably wouldn’t recommend it… The lamp is still together tho! 


I didn’t want this post to be tooo long but if you have questions on any of these DIYs then comment down below. Also… What was the craziest DIY you’ve done? Let me know!

❤ Rica

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