New Year, New Skin: Simple things to prevent breakouts!

Make up is fun to play with but spending your cash on expensive products may not be necessary… if you have good skin! Easier said than done, believe me, I know… Especially when genetics isn’t on your side.

The other day I posted a review about the Milani 2-in-1 conceal and perfect foundation. As I was writing my “skin story” (click here for pictures and to read the skin story), I realized that others might want to know how I cleared my skin. I’ve tried everything from hormone pills, and expensive prescription creams from the dermatologist… and in the end I felt that consistently keeping my skin clean had to do with little habits in my day to day life.

In the season of creating resolutions, let this be the year for clear and healthy skin!



Skin Tip #1: Wash & Change your pillow case every week!



If you have sensitive skin like me, sometimes hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, and hair oils can cause break outs. Some say that just the natural oils in your hair can clog your pores causing acne… If you notice a lot of break outs near your cheeks, forehead, or anywhere your bangs and hair touch your face this might be you!

Though I don’t imagine that excessive amounts of products would get on your pillow case every night, over time that stuff builds up! Add your natural oil and sweat, dead skin cells, that waterproof mascara you can never fully remove into that pillow case concoction and your asking for an irritated face! For those reasons and many, many more. Keep your towels, sheets, and especially your pillow cases clean enough to eat off of! (You know, if lint wasn’t a thing)


Skin Tip #2: Take a look at your diet.



I know people think that food-triggered acne is a myth, but I swear that if I have a candy bar right now I can promise you a pimple on my face in the next 3 hours. Same goes for my mom with artificial sweetners! Not everyone, but definitely, SOME people have a sensitivity to certain foods. If you do, you’ll often notice the break outs increasing right away, or by the next day. Greasy foods, foods high in sugar, and particular chemicals (such as biotin) are usual culprits for me.

Image result for Kombucha

ALSO, if you feel that your digestive system is out of whack (as in too many foods don’t sit well in your stomach), consider a probiotic drink. GT’s Kombucha (not sponsored) helped my tummy and my face, and I actually started brewing Kombucha at home because I definitely noticed a difference without it.  Be care though, as not all probiotics are created equal… some of those pills did absolutely nothing for me and some even have lactose (I’m lactose intolerant.. womp womp). Also be careful because I heard that Kombucha might not sit well with everyone. KathleenLights (an awesome youtuber) reported that she had a skin issue after drinking Kombucha consistently. Every one is different but I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY probiotics for clear skin.


Skin Tip #3: If your wear make up, your cleansing game better be on point!

double cleansing.jpg

Many people think that wearing make up everyday = acne = having to wear more make up. I mean, only if you’re doing something wrong. I wear make up pretty much every single day, and my skin is clearer and smoother than it has ever been in my entire life. There are products that you will come across that will break you out, but personal allergies and sensitivities aside only one thing really matters… your cleansing game.

As foundation formulas get better, and primers are designed to SEAL your make up to your face. that means that make up is becoming harder to take off. Soap and water won’t do it my friends. I recommend the following:

Double cleansing: Meaning that you take 2 separate cleansing steps using different mediums. I personally use a product similar to a cold cream, or an oil to break up the make up on my face first. After my entire face looks like a blackened, and tan mess I’ll go in with my foam cleanser. AND THEN I use a toner with a white cotton pad to be 100% sure there is no more make up on my face before starting my skin care routine.

Cleansing for >/= to 60 seconds at the end of every night: If you have dry skin use a gentle cleanser, but regardless massage your face for a FULL minute. Get the areas near your ears, down your neck, your brows, and give your face a nice mini massage. You can start with warm water, but make sure you finish with cold water to shrink your pores after all that mechanical skin disturbance!

Use a gentle cleanser and a more brief cleansing ritual in the morning: Especially for you lovely people who like to exercise in the morning, make sure your using at least a micellar water before you start sweating. If you’re not exercising… yes, you still need to do a quick and simple cleansing routine. You may sweat throughout the night, and touch your face, so before you start your day let your pores breathe!


Skin Tip #4: Invest your money (OR time) into skin care



When I don’t use a thick mud mask, my vitamin C serum, or exfoliation products I definitely notice a difference in my skin.

Along with whatever skin care benefits your mud mask may have, just mechanically, I feel that the mud gets deep into your pores and hugs/pulls out anything that clogs them… I also like sheet masks, and pretty much all other forms of face mask but in terms of acne, mud-like masks are the best. Let me know if you want to know my top DIY and at home masks!

If you’ve had acne for a long time you know that salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can only take you so far at over the counter levels. Switch it up with other ingredients that help with acne such as tea tree oil, vitamin C serum, witch hazel, and many more! Most of these will come in a concentrated form and are relatively inexpensive. They also have various uses so even if a particular ingredient doesn’t zap those zits, there are plenty of other beauty issues for these multi-taskers.


Skin Tip #5: For the love of all that is good PLEASE MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE


via GIPHY… sorry Doctor Who reference.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive moisturizer, it just needs to be a moisturizer meant for the face (so its not as greasy as those marketed for the body). Many of those with chronic acne have oily skin (news flash), and the thought of adding more hydration is revolting. However my skin is SIGNIFICANTLY less oily when I use a light moisturizer after cleansing. Your skin actually gets MORE oily to compensate for any dry sensation after cleansing your skin meaning overactive oil glands and a face that is disco ball by the end of the day (and early onset wrinkles people!). If your skin has dry patches and a dehydrated look… yet also gets greasy throughout the day, this might be you! Also drink some water to dilute those thick oils so they are less likely to break you out. If you need some suggestions for some gentle moisturizers please let me know but this is a complete necessity.


Those are all my tips ladies and gents! I hope everyone has a great year. Please consider adding better skin habits to your new years resolution and I’ll see you in a few days….


Next time…  Charcoal  for your Teeth???

The things I do for beauty… does charcoal work to whiten teeth? We’ll find out soon!


******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******


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    Can you tell us the names of the make up and skin care you love please?


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