NEW Loreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation VS Rimmel Stay Matte Review and Wear Test


Can we talk about how hyped this Loreal Infallible line is getting? I never really gave into the hype until they came out with this gem… The total cover foundation. Since I have combination skin, the other members of the infallible line: Pro-Matte seemed like it would be too drying for my dry areas, and the Pro-Glow would not last on my oilier areas.

Upon purchasing this item from the drugstore, I realized how expensive drugstore foundations have become. This is between $10-15 depending on where you look. AND I also noticed that the consistency was similar to the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation… Which is closer to $5-7. Well my friends. Is this new Loreal foundation truly worth twice the price? Let’s do a side by side comparison and wear test to see!

My skin concerns..

I have oily combination skin, prone to break outs. It is relatively clear as of late… but with 10 years worth of acne scarring including hyperpigmentation and box car and ice pick scars (aka severe texture). I prefer my foundation to look relatively natural no matter the coverage level, and prefer not to have to powder or blot throughout the day.

The claims and the brand…

Infallible: Claims to give up to 24 hours of full coverage with a lightweight feel and a natural finish! “L’Oreal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation blends instantly to cover dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation for a flawless complexion. The foundation is formulated with highload pigments for full coverage and is enriched with Alliagel.”.

Rimmel: Claims ” delivers a natural soft matte look and helps to control shine.”

First Impression…

Upon swatching you can see that the shades I picked were dead on for each other… but then after swatching my other foundations for comparison, the edges of the Loreal Total Cover had oxidized to a slightly deeper shade (at least it’s not orange right or I’d have a half orange face!)

2. Swatches.jpg
The 2 foundations to be tested were similar shade but the Loreal Total cover is slightly more gray toned. Compared to the other foundations, they both have significantly less yellow or orange tones. For reference Maybelline Fit me in 120 is my perfect shade, but milani in 01 also works in that the yellow tones neutralize my redness. The Rimmel and Loreal tested today are 1 shade too light for me, but they seem to match my inner forearm pretty well…

These foundations were truly similar in texture, they both come in squeezy tubes, and if I place them on my hand, they keep their shape. Thicker foundations usually don’t look the best on textured skin so I hope this isn’t a sign that I will be looking like a weirdo all day.

1. Foundation texture.jpg
Other than the hole in the squeezey tube making Loreal seem more of a slender worm, the 2 foundations have nearly identical texture and thickness.

Without any primer, I first applied the Rimmel Stay Matte to half of my face. You can see that it covered up the redness around my nose and reduced the appearance of some blemishes.

3. Half face rimmel.jpg

Upon placing the Loreal on the other side of my face, I realized that the shade was a little lighter than my neck making my look ghostly face, but on the skin the two foundations were a dead on match.

4. Full face half and half.jpg

Now I don’t really want to go into public with ghost face… so I put on the rest of my make up on and it didn’t look half bad. You can see some of the redness on my cheeks now that I’ve been moving around getting ready… so I don’t think I would call either of these “Full coverage foundations”, but they are definitely high coverage. Both look matte in finish with the rimmel looking and feeling slightly more matte. Loreal feels more light on the skin than the Rimmel. So let’s get on with the wear test.  Round 1… FIGHT!

5. Make up complete.jpg
My eyeshadow got a little crazy for going to the store…

1st check in…

After putting on my make up and eating breakfast I decided to do some strength exercises. No cardio, so the foundation wasn’t going to get a beating with sweat, but I might get a little warm. I just did a few push ups and weight exercises and there was a very clear difference with how the foundation wore however…

Rimmel Side: 2 hour check in after light strength training. You can see that the glasses pads wore off the foundation of the side of my nose bridge, and the foundation looks more natural than matte especially on my nose.  My bronzer is still in tact, and overall this side looks gooood.
Loreal Side 2 hour check in after light strength training. The foundation did much better on my nose pad and seems to be slightly less transfer proof than the Rimmel, however my nose looks a bit oily with a prominent oil slick near the crease of my nose. Bronzer is also still in tact on this side.
The reason this super unflattering picture exists is to show that the Loreal side sits very poorly on the pores next to the my nose (Your Right side is Loreal), while the Rimmel side does not. You can also very clearly see the difference in wear where the glasses pads touch the face in this comparison.

2nd check in…

So I just came back from having my face jammed in a massage table so I’m looking all sorts of ways. Let’s dissect this nonesense shall we?

Rimmel Side, 5 hour check in. Well hello redness, I see that your friend Rimmel Stay Matte foundation has left you. Pretty much all coverage had disappeared from my cheeks, but on my forehead, neck, and chin it still looked okay. This foundation doesn’t seem to do well with transferring… granted being smooshed on cloth is a hard test to pass.
Loreal side, 5 hour check in. Some redness definitely came through.. but this side looks much better than the Rimmel. Again, it looks like my nose remains oily, but it doesn’t feel too oily.

Final Check in…

Close up Final check in.jpg
Second super unflattering picture! If you look carefully, the Loreal side (your right) which started out the same shade as the Rimmel Oxidized to a slightly warmer and deeper tone. Thankfully it did not take on an orange undertone. You can also clearly see that it is much oiler than the Rimmel side, and that there is less wear off under the glasses pads. The foundation began to feel itchy on the Loreal side so I decided to make the 7 hour mark my final check in and call it a day.

I could not capture the little bumps on camera, but I experienced a some break outs on the Loreal side, but not on the Rimmel side. The foundation did not feel itchy initially so I don’t suspect there is anything pore clogging about the formula itself. I feel that I might have a slight sensitivity to their new ingredient “Alliagel”, so unfortunately I returned this foundation.

Attempts to make the product work for me…

Usually I would have some tips and tricks in this section to make Loreal Total Cover work for me. However since only half of my face had little red bumps, I refrained from placing this on my face again. (Rule #1 is skin care, folks! All beauty starts from a beautiful base!) But I feel that otherwise, if you don’t mind looking a little shiny at the end of the day, this is a great long-lasting, transfer resistant foundation.

In regards to the Stay Matte, I feel that I would feel comfortable using this product alone if it were a perfect shade match. Because I have a foundation that is slightly too dark for me, and is more dewy than I prefer, I use it as a mix in. It takes a lot of work, but you can mix the mousse texture of Rimmel stay matte with a bb cream into a cushion and it will stay combined.

Final Thoughts…

Mattifying Level (At initial application)

In comparison, the Rimmel Stay Matte is definitely more mattifying than the loreal, which has a slightly more natural finish. Overall I prefer the finish of the Loreal in this round!

Coverage Level (At initial application)

Coverage was relatively similar between these two foundations. I would say that the loreal had slightly more coverage, and unless you have a lot of sunspots and bright red acne to cover you might not notice the difference in coverage between these two products.

Longevity and wear (Includes level of greasiness, fading, and end of the night appearance)

This is really where the Loreal foundation shines. It’s by no means transfer proof, or flawless… but this is my skin. I’ve had foundation swatches last on my hands all day but my face is where make up goes to die. It lasted a strong 7 hours with a light work out, and face jammed in a massage table. Not too shabby. Loreal also wins this round.

Maybe she’s born with it?

Upon first application Loreal looked super natural.. but I posted a picture in my check in that showed it seeping into and caking up in my pores. So… these too foundations are about the same… no clear winner in this round.


For a drugstore foundation, the loreal is rather expensive sitting at $10-15. Not that packaging matters, but for something not in anything fancy that would justify an increase in cost… i don’t know if it’s worth it guys. Also since it broke me out, but thats a personal bias. Neither of these foundations would work for me without a mix in, so if you’re into the thick-moussey foundations and on a budget the Rimmel is a decent dupe. You’re sacrificing slight transfer resistance and coverage but the Rimmel is only $5-7! What a steal!

Recommended audience

If you have normal skin the Loreal total cover foundation might be your new best friend. You may also be able to pull it off with oil skin if you powder, and use a setting spray… but I prefer to have less steps in my day to day routine. It did perform slightly better than the Rimmel stay matte, however, not enough to be worth more than double the price! Due to my break outs, I returned the total cover… since it has a fancy new ingredient in it, I would purchase it at a retailer that accepts open returns. Overall its a great foundation but it’s not the best thing since sliced bread. Check out the Rimmel Stay Matte, and Loreal total cover on Amazon where there are frequent coupons on drugstore foundations.

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Have you tried these products? Would you purchase these items??

Let me know in the comments down below!

******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. Links in this post are a part of the amazon affiliates program.*******


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