Classy Vampy


To wear a vampy lip color in a “classy way”, the point is to flatter the lip and make sure that nothing clashes with the emphasized characteristic. In this look I am wearing Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in “Nori”.  You can see in the swatches below that it is a deep burnt red shade. It real life it doesn’t lean particularly warm or cool toned. So I wanted my eyeshadow and bronzer to reflect that neutral tone. If you choose to use a blush, be VERY light handed and use a shade that is a “natural flush” for your skin tone (Or you’ll be throwing mad clown vibes). I choose to skip the blush all together and highlight the tops of my cheek bones and nose for dimension.

The winged liner is key for this look. You’ll notice that the outer half of my eye has a thick line. and the inner half has almost none. This eyeliner style adds thickness and depth to the lashline and opens the eye. Especially if you have hooded eyes or monolid eyes, this drastic change in eyeliner depth will allow you to wear winged eyeliner without closing off your eye look. (Let me know if you want a tutorial!)

Pair the look with tamed hair in a low pony tail to become the epitome of classy!

Amuse Boushe lipstick shades, part of a lipstick mini set available at sephora.



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