Too Faced vs NEW Colourpop pressed eyeshadows (and lip gloss) Review and all day wear test

Too faced v colourpop.jpg

Colourpop is known for their affordable lip products and cream eyeshadows and I always wished that I could have a magnetic pressed powder with their unique shade range. I would be able to pop it into a z palette and not screw open a bunch of lids everytime.

I died when I found out that they were releasing pressed powders and I HAD to order some. Will the formula be up to standards?? We shall see my friends… Let’s play!

I made my own palette and got a free case! Above you can see the finger and brush swatch of all 4 shades. I liked that you can sheer it out or pack the color on… and I got mostly matte shades because I find they are harder to come by.  BUT DAT SHIMMER SHADE THO!!! High strung was this beautiful blinding metallic with a light swatch.

The eyeshadows are a bit powdery so don’t push too hard with your brush! I wont get much fallout if your light with the brush, and I normally prime my eyes with some old dewy foundation and some powder (just FYI). The shimmer shade is a DREAM tho. Not powdery at all and buttery smooth.

Below is the look I came up with for today’s comparison review:

First I used a fluffy brush and used “Silver Lining” in the crease lightly, and also darkened up the outer V with the same shade. This by itself could be a simple everyday look. Silver Lining is a pulm-y purple shade that blends out to a cool toned look when sheered, and builds up true to color.
Next I used the gorgeous shimmer “High Strung” with my finger tip all over the middle and inner lid. The shade is copper (just like a penny!) but light enough to wear to accent to center lid
Finally, I took “Wait for it” the matte peachy orange shade across my lower lash line for a fun pop.
Look at them wings! I could fly! I chose not to use mascara so any smudging/fall out would be solely based on the eyeshadow! On my left eye, I created a similar look so that I can see the side by side wear on these eyeshadows. I love how long the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadows last on me.. so this will be great comparison! The Too Faced is obviously not as pulm-y but there is a similar golden-copper shade (though not as intense). So my lower lash line didn’t look TOO orange, I used more of that plum shade to make the look match the Too faced side for the day.


Besides just the new eyeshadow… 

Colourpop also released ultra glossy lips! Might as well wear a face of colourpop! This pink shade that is metallic when built up is called “wolfie”. Its a super hydrating. I also purchased a satin lip… which isn’t new. But I included it in the swatches!

Lip swatches.jpg
Wolfie is a red-ish pink metallic shade which can be sheered out, but tends to throw a high pigment color. I put a little more pressure on the bottom half of the swatch so you can see the difference. Not streaky at all! Bijou is a burnt plum shade which throws a greige tone when built up to full opacity.
5. Ultra glossy lip in Wolfie.jpg
I don’t understand selfies… but look at dat shiny lip! This is “Wolfie” the ultra glossy lip
6. After meal (2).jpg
Unfortunately “Wolfie” didn’t do so well after a meal… But it wore relatively gracefully. I did have tiny sparkles on my lips all day though which I don’t mind terribly.


Final check in

7. After full day.jpg
Super unflattering angle again… This is the very end of the day as demonstrated by my intense oilness… it’s been about 12 hours and LOOK AT THAT SHADOW. Colourpop is on my R eye (your left) and I think it might have held in a little better than Too Faced?! Witchcraft!

For the price, these shadows are a steal. If you look at that shimmer shade at the final check in.. it’s still vibrant! More so than the Too Faced! These little metal pans are perfect to pop in a palette and I will definitely be purchasing many more.

I should mention that I do not normally have oily eyelids and never really experiencing issues with creasing… also I have monolids… so I can’t speak too much to that. However, the pigment did seem to wear evenly, so I don’t THINK this is a creasey formula.

For more colourpop pressed eyeshadow looks & inspiration check out….
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******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******



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