Activated charcoal for teeth whitening

What have I gotten myself into…?


A smile can knock you out. And part of a good smile is pearly white teeth. I drink 1 cup of coffee every morning and don’t really avoid any foods known the stain your teeth (Mmm Kimchiiii). Now, some people have been cracking open some activated charcoal pills for teeth whitening but… is the dark mess you make worth it? Are the results real, or just part of internet hype. You be the judge… Let’s play!

For today’s experiment I bought a charcoal powder specifically meant for tooth and gum health. You’ll need this powder and a tooth brush… and I guess a bathroom.


There are a couple ways to use charcoal on your teeth: 1 to brush onto teeth with toothpaste everynight, or 2 use it as a leave on mask for your teeth. I used the first method and the results are as follows.





So my teeth felt clean but looked the same… so I left it on as a tooth-mask:

2017-01-03 20.42.28.jpg
After 5 minutes I rinsed off the tooth mask and…. teeth still looked the same. 

So good news: my teeth were not stained black. Bad news, it doesn’t look like this review is going to be a one time dealy. I decided to use this product every night (and some mornings too) for 3 weeks…



Final results

Same lighting, same angle… What do you guys think of 3 weeks after? 

Honestly, I didn’t notice a really big difference. I don’t have horribly yellow teeth but you can still see coffee staining. Any almost-cavities still look the same as well. I bought the powder so I will continue to use on my teeth… and maybe even on my face as a mud mask. And since you should be brushing your teeth every night anyways, this product isn’t a whole lot of extra work. It doesn’t taste great, but it doesn’t taste bad either.

I’m going to take a break from this product and try something else for my teeth. Oil pulling? Whitening strips? Let me know if there’s something you want me to put to the test!


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