Best Beauty Deals of the Week 2: Never pay full price

Info about this series:

Just incase you’re new here I wanted to introduce you to my blog! WELCOME!

Obviously I am an intense beauty addict… and in addition, an avid couponeer. Honestly, if there is an item I’m eyeing, and it’s full price… I will try to use all of my will power to wait until there is a sale or a coupon before purchasing.  Since I am always hunting for the best deals, I thought I would share them with my viewers. If you want to continue getting updates on the best beauty deals and my recommendations make sure to follow my page. I anticipate that this series will be mostly drugstore, with the occasional hidden high-end product (but those rarely go on sale). I don’t like to include Buy1 Get1 50% deals (because you have to buy 2 to get a mediocre deal) and will be hunting mostly for coupons, cash back, BOGO 1 free, and super money saving deals and specials.

Before we get started I wanted to say that my personal opinions about products will be what biases these posts and that I’m not being paid, or have any monetary gain from these weekly blog post. Now that all this legal stuff is outta the way… Let’s play!

My bias this week

This section is just to inform about any biases I might have while looking through beauty deals.

I’ve been getting sucked into a lot of the recent youtube hype. The wet n wild products, and the fact that too faced has a new scented palette made me sniff out these deals.


CVS is still going strong with those physicians formula deals! They have a ton of new products in their new line including blush and bronzers… and you know their powders are awesome. The revlon super lustrous lipstick is known to be a beautiful cream lipstick so if you’ve been eyeing a shade, nows the time to get it.

Me personally, I’ve been eyeing those new wet n wild liquid lipsticks and items from their photo focus line. I enjoyed the setting spray from them, and for an affordable brand getting extracare bucks is not too shabby.



Need/want new lipstick?  Blush? Foundation? Well if you grab all three you’ll be getting one of them free with this mix and match deal at Walgreens. Nows the time to go on a little drug store shopping spree!


Too Faced

I personally love too faced as a brand.  They are independently owned and cruelty free and have often the cutest packaging. I fell in love with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and still to this day use it for my everyday looks. The brand makes quality eyeshadows and they’re too cute eyeshadow palette is now on sale for $18 which is an absolute steal. A number of lipsticks and sets are also a part of the sale… Let Me Tell You Too Faced is not a brand that goes on sale that often and you’re not going to get closer to drug store prices from this high end brand. Some items are already sold out so if you are looking into trying some Too faced items I would snatch them up right now!

Too faced.png


I love skin care especially Korean skin care. There are a number of masks that I’ve always wanted to try and since my skin has been majorly breaking out I thought this would be a good time to try new ingredients. I seriously went on a shopping spree at the starbuster event so look forward to a halt and reviews of a ton of Korean skincare especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin.



I spoke about a lot of deals from Alta in my last Beauty deals of the week a lot of those deals still remain the same so if you’d like to check those out please follow this link here

Happy shopping everyone!



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