Elizavecca MilkyPiggy Hell-Pore vs Boscia Luminizing Black Mask: Battle of the peel off masks

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I love all sorts of masks but I feel that I use mud mask and peel off masks more than anything. Recently I purchased the Elizavecca Hell Pore Clean up mask(~$11, on Amazon Here) which is known to be a very painful peel mask and leaves your skin feeling soft and very red which goes away eventually and turns your skin to a smooth canvas.

I was also given a sample of the Boscia Luminzing Black mask(~$34) which is also a peel-off mask and is known to be quite a bit more expensive… so I want to do a side-by-side comparison!

Boscia First Impression:

This mask is supposed to boost skin clarity and reduce appearance of pores. It boasts many fancy ingredients including vitamin C, various extracts which will boost skin antioxidant level. But on the top of the ingredients list? Water and alcohol? I mean I know a lot of products have this as main ingredients so that ingredients can mix well… but upon first application I noticed that I can’t open my eyes while it’s drying because it burns a little bit (like peelin’ onions). I wouldn’t be super concerned, because I know pure aloe vera gel also does this to my eyes… but there isn’t a significant amount of aloe vera in it… is it the alcohol?? Regardless, it was a bit inconvenient

Hell Pore:

This side did NOT burn my eyes (yay) and appeared to have the same consistency as the Boscia product. It is gray toned, in contrast to the black mask, and also appears to have some fancy ingredients. (Less extracts, but more roots and charcoal) Online it has the following claims:
“Elizavecca’s Hell Pore Clean Up Mask is perfect for removing impurities from the skin in one easy step! This mask eliminates dead skin cells, waste products, excessive sebum and tightens enlarged pores all the while providing an abundance of nutrients for a healthy, radiant look!”

You can get this product on Memebox, Amazon, and styleKorea. The instructions are all in the Korean, but essentially you clean and dry you face and then smear this stuff on (same with the Boscia). After it dries, you peel it off! (Let’s keep it simple people) In my experience most peel off masks that apply this way are not strong enough to remove blackheads, but do refresh your pores.

General Information:

I applied a decently thick layer of both of these products. Most of the time I like to be sparing with my face masks so I can get as much use out of them as possible. But with these you want to have a relatively thick layer so that you can actually peel them off (instead of them ripping into small pieces with each tug)

A few minutes lator…

I just noticed that the Boscia side started feeling a little bit tingly almost like applying and astringent to your face… not super uncomfortable, and no sensation at all on the Hell Pore side.

Around the three minute mark they appeared to be tightening at the same rate and I’m having more more difficultly talking…

Is it.. Is it dry yet?

So I ran around doing things around the house and its been a solid 30 minutes…. and there are STILL portions of the boscia mask that are not dry. Its only in the regions that I laid the product down thick but I thought I put the Elizzaveca side down thicker… so… SHRUG. Just something to note. From previous experiences with peel off masks, you definitely want it to be COMPLETELY bone dry before attempting to peel it off or you’ll be left with a mess.

Finally… prepare for super attractive face

So… the product is SUPER dry now and very shiny. It pulls your lips apart and makes it difficult to open your eyes wide… hence the lovely face expression.


So my face has been through a lot so though I had heard that the Hell Pore was painful… I wasn’t too intimidated by it. Hell Pore definitely has more of a grip on your skin than the boscia product and had more pain (particularly under my eyes and near my baby hairs) If you’ve NEVER used a peel off mask this one might scare you away to be quiet honest. I peeled off the product from bottom to top and MAN the Hell Pore side waxed my face! Bottom to top is the rule that beauty gurus demand… the science makes little sense to me but it is consistent with the way you would wax with less pain.. so I don’t argue with the other beauty crazies.


Most of the product came off in one peel, and neither side was strong enough to really do anything to active pimples. (There’s a lot right now.. damn you covergirl clean matte bb…) My skin looked very matte and kinda felt tight.

Looking up close you can see….

dry patches.jpg
Look at those dry patches tho…

Both sides were dry… but there was more dry patches on the hellpore side. The boscia side also had some dry patches. I might have left the product on for a little too long, and since the hellpore dries faster this might account for the increased dry patches on that side. I guess it’s a balancing act between thickness of application and dry-ness at the end result? But to be honest a lot of my acne looked cry and flatter, maybe this could be a nice alternative to the toothpaste trick to spot dry acne to make them flatten faster… This is interesting… my skin doesn’t usually know what dry patches even are. O.O

Let’s look at the snake skin I peeled off my face now shall we?? It’s not super gross.. but it’s not beautiful either so if you get freaked by skin things…



2017-03-07 20.37.28.jpg
Excuse my messy desk! You can see that both sides came off in pretty much 1 piece. No large blackheads were pulled from my skin, so from a far it looks like this has done nothin.


In red are dry patches that this mask pulled off (/ created.) and blue arrows are small blackheads/white heads. You can see the white heads better on the Boscia side (obviously because its a darker background = more contrast so I decided to take another angle…)


Looking super up close, the Hellpore did seem to pull off more than initially seen due to the color of the mask.



When completing the rest of my nightly routine, my astringent toner definitely stung, and I felt my skin care serum really penetrate into my skin.

As an everyday foundation wearer, I appreciate a good pore cleaning to prevent those little bumps that can happen when your pores are very clogged.

But this review is not over yet my friends! I saw dry patches…. and my super oily skin doesn’t even know what dry patches are. I want to see if the next day my foundation gets less oily throughout the day to see if the pain was worth it.

So the next day…

I learned what what dry patches were on my skin… Foundation looks terrible with dry patches!!! And it’s not like my skin was less oily it was just as oily it just also had dry patches so I wasn’t a fan of this product in my chin area where the dry patches mostly took place I didn’t notice the dry patches on my super oily areas like my T-Zone so I feel like I would use it for that area I did feel that I skin care went into my pores little bit better.

I feel that in the future I’ll use this product when my skin has broken out a lot because the acne actually got really dried out and a lot of the marks got flatter and less noticeable. But I wouldn’t use it on a day before I need to wear makeup.

…there is always the possibility that I just left a product on for a way too long but I also feel that some of the parts weren’t dry so I had to leave it on for that long.  and this wasn’t my first peel-off mask so I know that you have to do a relatively thick layer so that it actually peels off instead of just ripping into pieces.

In conclusion:

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask:

This $$$ mask honestly did better in pulling out more whiteheads and less peach fuzz (aka also less painful). It burns my eyes, and also dried out my skin (but a little less than the hell pore) Overall I will use it on my T zone and on acne acne marks to dry them out. Stars….


Elizavecca Hell Pore Mask:

This affordable option is notorious for being painful and WAXED MY FACE. I actually kinda like that it waxed my face… feels so smooth haha. I would rate it as a… 4/10 in terms of pain, and this is compared to acid peels I use just to put things into perspective. Though I was really rooting for this alternative, it didn’t really pull out too many whiteheads compared to the Boscia. But honestly, I would use a different product all together if I wanted to pull physical things out of my pores because both of these masks were too weak for me. I will use this again, and for the same purposes as the Boscia (T zone, and dry out acne). I think because I don’t mind the CONs of this product, I will use this over the Boscia, especially because the Boscia burns my eyes.. Stars…



The Hell Pore is available from the original seller on Amazon, Here


The Bosica Black mask is available from the original seller on Amazon, Here


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******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by any brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. Links in this post are part of the amazon affiliates program.*******



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