Soak Up Dat Pimple! Nexcare acne absorbing covers: Review & Wear

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If you’ve been following some of my reviews of face products I know that my skin has been majorly oily due to hormonal medication changes and it has also been breaking up very severely around my chin and cheeks and forehead so this is the perfect time to try out a product that’s meant for acne and tried drugstore products and usually my face like salicylic acid the best but this is a product that does not have any medication in it and I believe it’s just a type of dressing that absorbs oil really well

Today we’re going to try the 3M Nexcare acne absorbing cover their kind of like little stickers and they came to work like a sponge to absorb us and oil you get 36 assorted stickers so there’s various sizes as you can see.


It states that it:
1.  Visibly indicates that it’s working by changing color and acts as a protective cover reducing the urge to squeeze it.
2. Its drug free and non-drying you

How to use…

After cleansing your face, just peel it off  and press onto the center one blemish and press it down with clean and dry fingers. For better adhesion you’re supposed to change the cover daily, and you’ll know that it’s working once the color changes to white… that’s how you know the oily secretions have been absorbed

…so it sounds like it’s mostly used for acne that has pus so I’m going to try it on those without pus, with pus, and maybe on some blackheads and see how it works.

It and also states that if wearing makeup applied the cover first which implies that you can use it with makeup…I’m not so sure how that would work so we’re going to try to attempt to using a BB cushion over it and see if it covers.

First Impression…

…. by the way if you don’t like looking at pimples I would try to ignore some of the pictures down below.




On first impression it comes in thin film sheets that you peel apart. They’re relatively thin…  not as thin as paper may be as thin as construction paper so I don’t know how well that’s going to hide the texture when you’re applying it under makeup but you get one sheet with 12 bigger ones, and 24 of the smaller covers which seem to be decent sized.

When I put it on the skin,  it had a hard time adhering but in general you just have to make sure its the sticky side so it sticks onto your face and not your fingers.

They’re kind of like a gross yellow color… like if you had used iodine on your skin. They’re semi translucent and not Matte so it kind of looks like you put a perfect ball of Neosporin on your pimples.

After placing them on the skin it’s not painful at all yet and I can make faces and talk and they appear to be adhering well.

Now we’re going to try to attempt to put on a BB cushion on top and see if it looks terrible or if it’s possible from a distance I am using the laniege BB cushion in light medium (this is the one you can get from Target and I mixed it a little bit with the Rimmel stay matte because the BB cushion was a little bit too moisturizing for me and also not a shade it was a little bit darker so now it’s good texture and shade for my everyday use)

2017-03-04 12.58.44.jpg
LOL the make up covered it so well..

So Foundation can go on it decently evenly with the cushion but now it just looks like I have a giant boils on my face and if I touch it at all then it just kind of wipes off the patch…. I would not recommend using makeup on top of this product unless you don’t mind this look.  I guess it’s a little better than having the yellow tinted pads on your face but I’m not entirely sure…

I went to sleep with this patch on so let’s see what we got…

[I want to insert that SpongeBob transition here if it wasn’t copyright infringement… “The Next Morning”]


2017-03-11 05.38.52.jpg

HOLY SUPER PIMPLE. I don’t know when this thing fell off my face in the middle of the night but boy do I have the world’s biggest mountain on my face. I guess since it’s a patch that attracts oil ALL of the oil and pus underground has come to play on the surface of my face. It is painful. I am afraid for my health. 

What I noticed however is that the skin above pus mountain is very thin, so as I GENTLY (because it hurt) washed my face, the mountain (volcano?) erupted.

2017-03-11 06.51.20.jpg

This might be TMI, but I just shared the biggest pimple I ever had on the interwebs so we’re like pimple-blood-bros/sistas… You know it always annoyed me that you get this half oil, half blood discharge from pimples. AND they scab over and you have this crusty nastiness on your face for days. So I decided to stick a patch on it. I wiped the excess with a napkin and some rubbing alcohol and just plopped it onto dry skin.

2017-03-11 06.52.33.jpg

It surprisingly did very well at staying on there…

2017-03-11 08.19.05.jpg

After a few hours it left this… no pus (that white thing in the center is some dried skin), no scab, no oil…. THIS STUFF IS MAGICAL.

Final thoughts.

In conclusion I love this stuff for pimples that are popped. Upon further research I learned that Korean’s use this kind of bandage to prevent scarring for wounds. And a week later (as I finish editing this post) the Mark is red, but didn’t leave a deep ice pik (box car) lookin scar on my face. Hyperpigmentation is workable, but texture is my sworn enemy so I will DEFINITELY be using this on my face to prevent future scarring. Where have you been all my life??

Most definitely a 5/5 stars for oily, pimple sufferers.

5 stars

**UPDATE: 4/25/2017:

I still think these products are a Holy GRAIL for me. There is also a product that CosRx makes, you get less patches but it is THINNER and slightly less mustard tone, so I can get away with wearing these in public for pimples near my chin or hairline without people noticing… They get saturated more quickly (because they’re thinner) and are slightly more expensive (unless you buy them in bulk). But I wanted to provide another excellent option for you guys!**



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******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******


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