Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse: Review and Wear test



Ready for another foundation review???

Having skin that has SO MUCH OIL that I feel I should collect it, jarr it, and fry eggs with it… (wouldn’t that be gross? but you know someone’s gonna be into that “all naturale”… I heard that this dream liquid mousse feels like you have NOTHING on your face, so I got it. At the end of the day I usually feel like slime monster is sitting on my face and my glasses slide off of my face (and almost into the toilet one time…) ANYWAYS

It doesn’t get a ton of hype, but Youtube definitely made me buy it. It was either Tati Westbrook or Rachhloves, or both, who mentioned this underrated foundation in passing… Then maybelline has been really throwing the dollar bills at me (via coupons). They actually still have a $2 and a $3 coupon (via amazon and Sunday paper)… So I bought this puppy right up for dirt cheap. WILL IT BE LIKE NOTHING ON MY FACE?? Let’s Play!

The claims and the brand…

via Ulta:
“Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation blends flawlessly to air-brushed perfection.


  • Oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Allergy tested
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Won’t clog pores
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Liquid-mousse texture
  • Air-whipped formula provides skin perfecting coverage
  • Smooth, 100% poreless finish with natural luminosity.”

I have dehydrated oily skin, so this sounds like a dream. It has water as the main ingredient, but also has silicones further down on the list. I haven’t had issues with maybelline foundations with silicones in the past, so hopefully no breakouts are in my future.

First Impression…

Nice, compact glass bottle with a nice pump that locks when you turn it one way and is open when you turn it the other way.

Its a nice thick formula as you can see it defy gravity on my arm

Swatch comparison.jpg
And you can tell that it oxidizes very little (red arrows for foundation formulas that oxidized quite a bit) The shade has the same name as the FIT ME foundation, however it is not exact the same shade. I would say that it is a bit pinker and darker than the FIT ME matte and poreless in 120.

So without the foundation…. yea I had a really bad skin week… but it’s healing!

And with the foundation…

I think this did a pretty good job with my DARK RED acne scars and pimples. Its a solid medium coverage foundation that does feel very light on the skin. The shade match seems to be right on, and there is a satiny finish (Not dewy or matte). I did NOT powder this foundation but in the car ride to work I noticed it felt a little sticky? Like skin with aloe on it…
Close up initial.jpg
Hey guys I got a new camera so you can see more unflattering photos. This foundation DOESNT look great over any sort of texture (pores/dry patches) but I didn’t use a primer so this might be something you need to incorporate. I dont usually use a primer on a daily basis though…


5 hour check in

mid day check in.jpg
HOLY OIL SLICK. I feel disgusting. And I see a couple new bumps on my skin and cystic acne. Honestly, all foundations that make me super oil break me out if I wear them too long… I’m pretty sure its my oils, not so much an allergy or a comedogenic ingredient. The coverage appears to be about the same tho so.. there’s that. Much of it came off on the blotting sheet but there was so much oil that I would be surprised if it could stay on.

End of the day Check in…

Honestly, I didn’t want to post the picture of me at the end of the day. I looked… ROUGH. This is after blotting at the end of the day. and LOOK AT ALL THE NEW PIMPLES. I can’t guys. I can’t with this foundation. It is totally not worth it. OILY SKIN TYPES STAY AWAY.


Attempts to make the product work for me…

I am honestly afraid to try this product out again. If you have dry/normal skin and you want a nice foundation that won’t oxidize maybe this will be for you. I have oily skin, but some Korean BB creams that are 2x more moisturizing can leave me oily… but don’t leave me with THIS MANY NEW PIMPLES. I think if you have sensitivity to glycerin and the kind of sticky moisturizing products then you might end up with a very pimply situation. It looks great at the beginning of the day… I might use this as a mix in for more mattifying foundations (but just a drop). I purchased this off of amazon so I can’t even really return… Good thing I used a couple and bought this for like $3 or I’d be mad. At least I get a nice glass bottle and a pump that I can always clean out and store different products?

Final Thoughts…

Mattifying Level (At initial application)

It was a beautiful finish at the start… and then it fell apart.


Coverage Level (At initial application)

It has decent coverage to reduce redness of acne marks and imperfects without hiding them completely.


Longevity and wear (Includes level of greasiness, fading, and end of the night appearance)

Haha.. haha… yea I would rather not wear make up.


Maybe she’s born with it?

It doesn’t look like foundation much… it just looks good for 2 hours then looks like oil? But it’s definitely not cakey oil. Credit where credit is due.



I got this for dirt cheap because of coupons. But even without coupons its one of those $7 foundations from the drugstore. Can’t beat that now-a-days



…. I honestly can’t recommend this product for anyone who gets ANY amount of oiliness on their skin throughout the day. If you have no issues with pimples and dry skin then you might enjoy this very cheap foundation. Maybelline FIT ME Matte and Poreless has never given be a reaction this bad. If you have dry skin I think a (korean) BB cream would be much better for you.. and then you would at least be getting skin care benefits. First fail on my beauty blog! 1/5 stars…

1 Star

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******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******

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