Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation VS Loreal Infallible Pro Matte

I have yet to find a holy grail foundation product for my oily AND sensitive skin. My pores are easily clogged and I product insane amounts of oil since my hormone medications have changed… I’ve been scouring the interwebs for assistance and this foundation made it on sooo many lists. I think this will be my last ditch effort before I begin to dabble in high end foundations. If you want to check out my other foundation attempts check out the links below!

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This Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation retails for a whopping $56.00! And we’re going to compare it to foundation with similar claims from the drugstore. The HOLY GRAIL of many… The ultra hyped L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte 24 hour Foundation (which retails for $12.99 at Ulta)

We’re going to test this product with…



JUST the product….

Let’s Play!

The claims and the brand…


This foundation is available on Sephora as well as Amazon, but you might find some of the old packaging which may be in a pump. The old pump packaging I heard might be a little different of a formula… so this is the NEW formula I am testing in the squeezey tube.

This is meant for Sensitive, Combination, & Oily skin… which is pretty much me! And reports  Medium to Full Coverage. If it’s not obvious by the name it is a liquid…. with a powder finish! And the powder  is supposed to absorb oil, and deliver a velvet-matte finish.

Ingredient info: It’s formulated with Cashmere Kaolinite Clay which apparently absorbs 75% of its weight in oil without over drying (yay my skin likes clay!)… Unfortunately it also has a moderate amount of Silicones… My skin hates dimethicone the most… (Cyclopentasiloxane is the 2nd ingredient, and Silica is the 5th ingredient, and Polymethylsilsesquioxane and Dimethicone are the 7th and 8th ingredients respectively). This product is also vegan,


Let’s see how this foundation lives up to the Loreal pro matte… which also has a lot of silicones, also has a powdery finish… but is about 1/4th of the price!

First Impression…


The Hourglass is the dot below, and above is the Loreal. The hourglass (in the shade BARE) seems to have a STRONG yellow undertone… and there are 3 “light with warm” or “light with gold” undertone choices… so maybe I should grab another one… Otherwise they both have a similar consistency!

Before Make up

1. Before.jpg

As you can see I have a lot to cover up in terms of acne scars and a few active acne bumps. (This is pretty good for me, check out how I cleared by skin!) I have mega oily skin, so we’ll see how this foundation holds up.

2. HG with flash
(WITH FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY) The Hourglass is on my left side (your right) and no foundation on my other side… there is surprisingly some flashback to this no SPF foundation.. (as you can see compared to the picture below)
2. HG
NO FLASH: This doesn’t look the best in my pores and acne scars… but not horrible. You can see the strong yellow undertone compared to my skin tone here…(and I have a yellow undertone…) I wanted a little more coverage for my acne scars and added a 2nd layer… and I really shouldn’t have


3. Two coats.jpg
The foundation did build on the 2nd layer… but it looks SOOO cakey.. and looked even more yellow… so I would say you should just be happy with the medium coverage and move on.

Comparison at initial application

The Loreal Foundation has a slightly better coverage Than The Hourglass… AND L’Oreal side covers pores better than The Hourglass side

4. After
You can see a healthy glow coming through on the L’Oreal side… And a completely matte finish on the Hourglass side. PLEASE DON’T LAYER the hourglass… it looks bad over my cheek scarring only because I layered it. (With 1 layer each, the loreal has better coverage)

Both sides have a powdery finish and a flashback initially with flash photography… The Hourglass side feel slightly more powdery when you touch your face but it feels more lightweight on the face than the L’Oreal side…

4. comparison
Pores look better on the L’Oreal side, hourglass side emphasizes dry patches.

3 hour Check In

5. 3 hour check in natural lighting
My skin is doing pretty well on both sides… I don’t sense any new breakouts (yet) The L’oreal side doesnt look the best under my glasses pads… or in my peach fuzz on my upper lip. BUT the Hourglass is still emphasizing my pores, the cakey-ness looks a LITTLE better now that my oils are coming through.
5. 3 hour check in oily
From a super unflattering angle you can see that the Hourglass side is surprisingly MORE shiny than the Loreal side… It’s not super greasy yet but I see it getting there. Also it looks cakey higher up on my almost non-existent nose bridge (where my glasses also live)


Attempts to make the product work for me…

Final Thoughts…

Mattifying Level (At initial application)

mattifying level
On my ULTRA oily skin… the L’Oreal pro matte with a brush looks decently “natural-matte” You can see the natural glow on my cheekbones and above mt brows. In comparison the Hourglass is VERY matte, and looks powdered.

Coverage Level (At initial application)

I would say that the Hourglass has a solid Medium coverage… and I only put it at low-medium because it doesn’t build well on top of itself. L’Oreal is not the most full coverage, but covers my scars better than Hourglass.

Longevity and wear (Includes level of greasiness, fading, and end of the night appearance)

You know surprisingly the L’Oreal side wore a little better than the Hourglass side… I was less oily with the drugstore foundation, and it wore off much less!

Maybe she’s born with it? (Natural-ness)

Both of these foundations can get pretty cakey under glasses pads, and the corners of the nose. But I rated the hourglass a little lower because if you get a little extra on certain parts it looks gross… and I have acne scars so some areas around my acne have dry patches from medications. AND the loreal you could use with a blending sponge, but the Hourglass explicitly states not to use it with a sponge… and its hard to blend away the cake once it’s on there.



Final rating:

3.75 stars

Overall I do enjoy this foundation… if you’re not in the market for a $56 dollar foundation, the Loreal pro matte is a pretty good dupe. Both foundations left me with a few tiny bumps (as ALL foundations do on my skin), but the Hourglass side did leave a couple less bumps… so it does seem to be a little better in the long run for oily skin. (it still has silicones though… check out why I don’t like silicones in my foundation) I would recommend trying the other “light” shades, (not Bare) because I have some warm toned skin and this was WAAY too yellow for even I. The foundation was good… NOT great…. and I’m not a billionaire, so it’s a goo product, but I would have a hard time justifying the price unfortunately.



******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******

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