MURAD MattEffect Blotting Perfector: Review of a silicone free primer



If there was a competition for oily skin I would probably win. After my change in medication I became an OIL SLICK… and went from a combo/oily skin type to straight up grease ball. So if there’s a new product, made with good skincare ingredients that claims to mattify… you know I’ll be on top of it. Will this help me from going through 4+ blotting sheets a day???

Let’s Play!


This product is supposed to be liquid blotting! (What?!) I believe Coverfx was the first brand to come up with the idea… but don’t quote me on that! (And the coverfx is just …. all silicone and you know my skin hates silicone) Click here for a list of silicone free products

It has a bunch of fancy ingredients including Marshmallow powder and you’re supposed to use it over make up for touch ups (hence the cushion type applicator). It does not specifically say you can’t use it under make up on the Sephora website so that is what I decided to test today! I have used it over make up… and it works OK, but I had issues with parts of my foundation coming off if my skin wasn’t ULTRA oily when using this to blot. When using to blot, it works well with some foundations… not so well with others… so my favorite way to use it is as a primer.

First Impression

This product comes in a cushion compact which is pretty unique for a primer. Murad isn’t exactly a brand known for make up items either. The packaging is a little bulky, but comes with a nice sized mirror. The product itself is very runny and liquidy, and easily picked up on the applicator sponge with light patting.

It smells nice and dries to a matte finish on my skin! Let’s take a look at the before & after


I have oily skin… and some acne. I applied my usual skin care so that healthy glow is just moisturizer. You can see some texture, and some pores around my nose. This is the side I will be


Just Primer on 1 side

before foundation
Just the primer on the side with the green circle, which shows you how much my pores have been blurred compared to the other side. Even on the nose, but blackheads/pores looks less pronounced. Unfortunately you can see near the side of the eye there is some “flashback” with this product. (and it doesnt have any sunscreen…)

With powder Foundation with SPF

with foundaion
Excuse the crazy amount of whiteness/flashback in this photo. I’m wearing the IT cosmetics celebration foundation with SPF 50 so we can clearly see that the foundation stuck to certain parts of my face…. I didn’t notice it with the flash turned off, but it definitely makes a difference with flashed on… My pores look AMAZING on the side I have it on, and my peach fuzz is less emphasized on the MURAD side in my chin area.

4 hour check in

This is the side with MURAD. My skin looks great, and I’ve been wearing glasses all day. Not much oiliness to see here, and this is about the coverage level I started with! (usually my skin is an oil slick by mid day!)


My face looks a little shiny, my pores look terrible, and there’s make up caking around the sides of my mouth. This is what no primer looks like.. I’m starting to feel greasy so I decided to blot my face

Just one blot on my nose shows how much oil I have accumulated… it’s about equal on both sides, it just looks better on the MURAD side.

8 hour check in

Look at dat oil! It’s the end of the day… nothing survives on my face… My skin does look a little shiny on the NON murad side, especially on the sides of the nose.

Final Thoughts:

I really like this primer because…. it doesnt break me out! It doesnt have traditional silicones in it (and I’m very sensitive to silicones). I’ve been wearing this primer everyday, and it really extends the wear of my foundation. The only negative is that it’s super expensive… $38 for not a lot of product. I don’t use as much because the formula is really watery, but I will be on the personal hunt for a primer that does similar things.

You should know that I am NOT a fan of this product as a blotting product… it totally peels off the foundation I have underneath.

4 75 Stars

Final rating: 4.75 stars out of 5!


******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******


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