Mattify Cosmetics: Holy Grail for Sensitive Skin!

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If there was a contest for sensitive skin.. I would win it. Come at me.

A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with a hormonal issue and my skin went CRAZY. I became very sensitive to… well everything, but most notably: Silicones

It’s in pretty much everything. It clogs my pores. And it breaks me out.

It took a LOT of stalking Ulta, Amazon, and Sephora to find the products I’ve compiled on my silicone free lists (Which I’ll link for you)

Going Silicone Free: Foundations, Moisturizers, and more!


Silicone Free Powders

I’m all about brands that state that they are completely silicone free, so I can shop to my hearts content without having to scan through every single ingredient on the list… and that’s when AN AFFORDABLE brand called Mattify Cosmetics contacted me.

They are a brand made for acne-prone, oily skin (Hello, thats me.) They have a bunch of make up, and they also have a bunch of skin care which I am excited to try after a finish going through my current skin care routine.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a couple of products to try out from their line, and I thought I would provide some reviews and swatches. Not to spoil the surprise, but I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more from this line… nothing broke me out… and the pigment is real.


Foundation $16.50/ 30g

foundation colors.PNG

Let’s start out with the product that I’m the least excited over… their foundation. It didn’t break me out, and it didn’t emphasize my texture… but it just wasn’t enough coverage for my intense acne scarring. It is described as a skin “tint” so there was no reason for me to expect amazing coverage, and it definitely is a solid light coverage. Even in the description it is made clear that it is for minor imperfections. You can see from the picture below that it blurred my pores, and took care of any redness. They do also sell a concealer that I think is meant for the scarring under my cheekbones. Honestly, loose powder foundations rarely give my skin a lot of coverage, but they tend to be the best option for super sensitive skin. I’ll be using this foundation more once my acne scars fade!

Before and after.jpg
Before and after the Mattify Foundation for oily skin

They have 2 shades (link to the products here) which isn’t a great selection, but I also think that for the more sheer nature, you could make it work. There is definitely not an option for deep skin tones


Blush $14.00/20g

Samples available for $2.50 of each shade… well done Mattify.

Now THIS. THIS I LOVE. I have the hardest time finding blush without silicones… and even more so blushes with drug store pricing. AND EVEN MORE SO, drug store blushes that blend… this is fantastic!


This comes in 3 shades, and I have Strawberry Wine in my collection. (here’s a link to the blushes)

(Foundation in fair/medium, blush in Strawberry Wine, Highlighter swatched above)  All of the blush shades claim to be longlasting and matte, but with flash you can see there might be a little sparkle in the formula (doesn’t translate onto the skin). This was a finger swatch and you can tell it’s not the least bit chalky. This is a beautifully blendable formula.

You can sheer it over your skin for a natural flush like so:

1. Highligher dry with mouse foundation.jpg

Or you can build it up. On my warm skin tone this is the most natural “I just went on a run” flush. Because of the pigment I think that medium/deep skin tones can also utilize this… I really want that terra cotta shade as well. These blushes last well on my skin (I usually use a mineral foundation with this on a daily basis)

Highlighter $7.99/ 30g

THAT GLOW THOUGH. Anyone else see that swatch above and think the highlighter stole the show? This is a high impact highlighter… which only comes in the one shade =( 

highlighter and bronzer.PNG

I have a love/hate relationship with this highlighter because… it’s a TAD dark for me. I can use it as a impactful blush topper like so:

Different foundation under the blush in Strawberry Wine with the Highlighter.

Also because it’s a loose mineral highlighter without a binding agent, it works best when you use a little setting spray or have a sticky foundation (liquid foundation, not a powder foundation). It has micro-shimmer in it that makes it the high impact shine… I just wish they had a lighter shade so it looks a little more blended on my cheek bones.

Looking at the blend of this I really want to try the contour, and they have a bunch of bundles with the highlight, a blush, and the contour.

Dear Mattify Cosmetics, your formula is on point… please come up with more shades!

Overall thoughts

I really love the concept of this brand, and I’m excited to try more things from this line. If you want clean ingredients in your make up, for an affordable price I think it’s important to support indie brands like Mattify Cosmetics. They also have eyeshadows that look amazing, lip gloss pots, and skincare…. let me know if you want more swatches from the brand!

The brand has a focus on clean ingredients, and the packaging is minimal. Most of the products come in little pots, with clear or black lids so occasionally I’ll get very confused a be worried about putting blush all over my face as foundation (haha I’m challenged). The quality and performance of these products are definitely there… and with the price range, you can’t loose! Totally recommend giving this a try if you are starting off on your silicone free journey!

Stay happy and healthy!



******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by any brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was sent to me for review with no agreement on how to review the products for monetary gain.*******


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