$$ Beauty Sales: Amazon Features that You Should Try!

Obsessed with make up and beauty?

Obsessed with Amazon?

I mean that’s basically me in a nutshell.

Here are the best deals for the Month of August!


Korean Beauty Brand: Nakeup Face

Nakeup face

Product: K beauty Make up
Discount: 30%
Start Date: Aug 01, 2018  
End Date: Aug 30, 2018

I’m always looking into new K beauty, and this brand is offering lip products, brow products, and what Koreans are best at… cushion foundation.

Make up Brush cleaner

Kinpof make up cleaner

Product: Automatic make up brush cleaner
Discount: 60%
Start Date: Jul 31, 2018 
End Date: Aug 27, 2018
I saw this kind of brush in a youtube video with Jeffrey Star and Laura Lee and it looked very entertaining. It’s 60% off! So if you have long nails or just don’t like getting your hands dirty this might be your new best friend!


Product: Microneedling Facial Roller
Discount: 40%
Start Date: Jul 30, 2018 
End Date: Aug 11, 2018
Man! I just bough a dermaroller to review for more expensive than this… So far I like it and if its something you didn’t wanna invest too much money on it’s 40% off!

Vitamin C: Facial Serum

vitamin C.PNG
Product: Facial Serum 
Discount: 50%
Start Date: Jul 29, 2018 
End Date: Aug 27, 2018
To pair nicely with the dermaroller you could get a vitamin C serum! If you’re new to skincare adding a serum is the easiest way to boost your skincare game. Vitamin C is for brightening dark spots/acne scars and the added hylauronic acid really traps in moisture. Vitamin C 20% is also a very strong dose so you’re getting a lot for your money.

Beauty and Essential Oils

Lag essential oils.PNG
Product: Essential Oil
Discount: 30%
Start Date: Jul 27, 2018 
End Date: Aug 25, 2018
Rosehip oil is the only oil my greasy skin can use at night without breaking out.  In general I love essential oils for DIY projects including infusing it into body butters and lip balms. I also love to use tea tree oil for acne, and it’s anti microbial properties!

Make up Palette

Delance palette.PNG
Product: Eyeshadow Palette
Discount: 50%
Start Date: Jul 26, 2018 
End Date: Aug 20, 2018
This cheap palette has amazing reviews and swatches. The shades can go from everyday to night looks,  and 50% off? I cant say no.

Lighted Beauty Mirror

Product: Lighted Beauty Mirror
Discount: 50%
Start Date: Jul 27, 2018 
End Date: Aug 15, 2018
I’ve always wanted a beauty mirror… and the bunny ears are so cute! If your lighting sucks, or you notice in the car mirror that you dont look blended… you need this girl.
What are your favorite beauty deals? Can you believe these Amazon steals? (Wow that was cheesy)
If you want regular deal updates let me know!
******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. Links in this post are a part of the amazon affiliate program. I have no monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******

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