It Cosmetics CC+ Oil Free Matte VS The Originial: Ingredient Analysis and wear test





sorry I got a little excited.


I have oily skin, and I love It cosmetics for my sensitive skin type.

If you didn’t know the It cosmetics your skin but better CC+ cream (Original) is a bestseller. I do like it… but it’s a tad bit greasy for me for everyday wear. So let’s do a little comparison of the formulas and ingredients.


Ingredient analysis:

The Silicones

If you know me, I’m sensitive to silicones in skincare and make up. They make my face itchy and break me out if I wear them all day as my oils come through and have no where to go (See my “Going Silicone Free List” Here for a more detailed explanation)

So the first thing I noticed is that…. silicone has a higher concentration in the Matte version than the Original (cries internally inside). This makes sense however because if you think matte and long lasting, usually silicones have to be involved. Its very rare that things with silicones high up on the list won’t break me out…. so let’s cross our fingers

The Extracts vs Oils

When looking at the ingredients I saw that many of them were very similar but presented in a different order. The main thing I noticed was that if you search “oil”, there were plenty of oils in the Original Formula, but no oils in the matte… which makes sense because they are claiming that the matte is “oil-free”. That’s great!… Right?

Ingredient list.PNG

But if you have an eagle eye like me you’ll notice that instead of the oil, there are extracts in the Oil-free formula. For example:

  • No Grape Seed Oil… But there is a Grape Seed Extract
  • No Avocado Oil…. But there is Avocado Fruit Extract

… so what’s an extract?

Apparently you take an extract FROM the pure oil. So extracts are a more diluted version/concentration of the same ingredient. To preserve the matte-ness, you are sacrificing a bit of potency, so maybe if you have more mature skin, and more skincare needs the original formula may be your go-to… and if you’re younger, oilier and have less skin care needs the oil free matte will be a better fit.


Wear test

So I have oily/combo sensitive skin with acne scars.

3. swatches.jpg

Before Photos: 

1. Before with flash.jpg
Just so everyone is aware the right side of my face has more acne scarring than the left. This might affect how the coverage compares from one formula to the other.

I’m going to apply the Oil-free to one side of my face, and the Original to the other so we can compare the formulas and the wear.


After Photos

2. After with flash.jpg
The flash is messing up the shade comparison, these foundations both have a little flash back, the Original formula having a tiny bit more flash back because its a higher SPF. 


I definitely have less shine on my face on the Oil-Free side, but I wouldn’t call it a matte finish. I started using a brush but then didn’t like the streaks, so moved on to a beauty blender. I like the high medium coverage on both sides!

I definitely felt the foundation on my face… I could tell that they both had skin care in them. The Oil free felt a little lighter, and neither felt heavy but I think I’m going to experiment with what moisturizer I use underneath this foundation.

After this check in I powdered the areas right next to my nose.

4.5 hour check in

4. Check in mid day.jpg

My glasses got the best of both sides… so the matte side is not more transfer proof. The original formula (On your Right) has an intense amount of shine on my nose, and the Left, Oil-Free side is more normal! So far so good.

9 hour check in

5. End of the day check in.jpg

I’m a bit greasy on both sides… and my glasses have completely rubbed off the foundation next to my nose on both sides. It’s nice to see that Oil free side (Your Left side) kept the coverage better. The Right side (original) has lost a lot of coverage over my acne scars. Note that I did not set my actual nose during this review on either side, and my nose is extra greasy at the end of the day…

I wore the Oil free matte foundation for a couple more days and when I set my nose, its much less greasy at the end of the day! Surprisingly this dimethicone containing ingredient did not break me out… but at the end of the week I did miss how lightweight my silicone free foundations felt.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a great foundation for sensitive skin. It has built in SPF (which you should wear everyday!) And I think it’s perfect for Normal to Combo skin. My skin is just a TAD too oily for it which makes it feel heavy at the end of the day (but it does hold up well when baked with powder).

I think I will continue to wear this and update you guys if my opinion changes… I  also love how the new formula has more of a shade range so more people can check it out!

Have you tried this foundation?

What’s your skin type?

Let me know what you think about this new foundation.. and as always stay happy and healthy!






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol says:

    Hi! Just found your site after searching for silicone-free makeup. Just came to the realization that silicones are the culprit for my breakouts. But almost everything has silicones!!! So annoying. Before realizing the silicone situation, I had recently started using the IT CC cream and loved it, but yeah, my oily skin needs blotting a few times after. I feel like that’s the case with all foundations though. But now I also realize that this CC cream has lots of silicones. Which foundation or CC cream is your favorite?


  2. K says:

    Your skin sounds just like mine. Which foundations do you prefer.


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