Nyx Liquid Suede Swatches

The Nyx Liquid suede lipstick formula is well hyped online and in the beauty community… It’s affordable, there’s a great shade range, but is it worth it? I wanted to see if I liked the formula. Also, I’m new to lipstick so I always wanted to try different shades, so what better way than to buy a sample set?

Some of the shades have a great color pay off, and other’s were a little patchy…. and neon… so after each color description there is a letter grade from A-F to describe the application. My favorite shades have a full faced picture as well! Let’s Play!



Paper swatches of the shades, organized into shade types


1. Browns

Club hopper: Deepest brown with hint of purple. B+

Vintage: Deep brown berry, similar to “crushed”, but a deeper tone. A

Downtown Beauty:  deep chocolate shade…looks warm toned, like mud B-

Brooklyn Thorn: Deep Gray Mauve… kinda reminds me of cool toned mud with a splash of cherry. A

Sandstorm: Light warm brown nude with a hint of burnt sienna. Reminds me of a more tan version of “Honeymoon” (coming up in the nudes) A



2. Nudes

Disorder: Beautiful deep berry shade with a hint of fuschia. It had a super smooth application and I would definitely recommend! A+

Crushed: Deep berry with brown undertones. A

Soft spoken: A beautiful Rosey nude… maybe, similar to sandstorm but with more pink/mauve. A nice everyday nude. A

Honeymoon: a more mauvey version of soft spoken. This is a perfect light brown and mauve love child.  It’s very wearable for my warm skin tone,  but I can see some cooler skin tones looking a little vampy zombie esque. Application A-

Initiator: pink with coral undertones. It reminds me of the color “committed” from The Balm. It’s a little bit chalky, but application wasn’t the worst from this liquid suede line. The waterline was very uneven and patchy however. B-

No Envy: A pink with a hint of mauve. Being about an NW25, I think this is the lightest pinky nude I can pull off without looking dead. Application: B-

Tea & cookies: Almost a crayon pink, deepened slightly so that its wearable. It still doesn’t look the best on my skin tone, but Its not super neon like “respect the pink”. Application C

2. Disorder.jpg



3. Blues.jpg

Alien: A deep black with a hint of oil slick green.  B+

Jet-Set: A deep royal blue B+

Foul mouth: A deep black with a hint of blue. A blue version of stone fox B

Little demon dress: A vivid sky blue. Can be built up fairly opaque. B


Pink & Magenta

5. Magenta and Pink.jpg

Respect the pink: in case u wanted to be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. This shade swatches on the lips soooo much more neon than on paper. D-

Pink lust: True give magenta, almost neon! B

pink lust1.jpg
Pink Lust


4. Purples.jpg

Oh, put it on: Deep blackened purple. Gets patchy if u press ur lips together.  B

Subversive socialite: Deep royal purple. Went on smooth,  but overall looks slightly patchy.  C

Amethyst: Barney the dinosaur gone vampy. B

Run the world: Mauve and purple made a neon fuschia baby. A

Sway: True neon lavender. Not my idea shade but application was one of the best for one of these light shades. A


Reds & Corals

6. Reds and Corals.jpg

Cherry skies: True blood red… with just a hint of magenta. On the lips you can see the magenta/plum a little better. B-

Kitten heels: On a paper swatch, i thought this was an Orange based vivid red… but it makes my teeth look super white and it lip swatches more like a true classic blue based red… even though its not. I also have a slightly warmer skin tone which might have something to do with it. A

Orange county: True vivid orange. D-


Life’s a beach: vivid pinky coral that swatches fairly neon on the lips. Not an everyday shade, and slightly streaky. Kinda reminds me of pepto bismol… or highlighter pink. C

Foiled again: Almost a mix of the two corals listed above, an orange with a pinky shift. This was one of the more streaky applications, and it looked super neon on the lips. I would wear this on a run at twilight so that I don’t get run over my cars. F

cherry skies 2.jpg
Cherry Skies
kitten heels.jpg
Kitten Heels




7. Grays.jpg

Stone fox: A gray with teal. Almost like the gray version of Alien/Foul mouth. Im not a vampy lipstick kind of girl but i really likes this color! It looks more teal than black on the lips. A

Industrial paradise: think cement , with a blue/lavender shift. Looks much more light blue on the lips. Emphasized lip lines, but much better pigment and coverage compared to some of the other neon or vivid shades. B+

stone fox2.jpg
Stone Fox


Overall Thoughts

I really like this set, and I look forward to mixing and matching these shades. They wear well, but are not completely transfer-proof. Thankfully this also means that these are not super drying. It’s not the most moisturizing formula, but I have ultra-dry lips and I could wear these without much issues. If you’re looking for a present for your favorite lip lover, I think this could be a great idea!

Full sizes are available on amazon most between $5-9, which is a great deal for good lipstick. Anything rated A or B, I fully recommend!


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******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. Links in this post are a part of the amazon affiliates program.*******


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