Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation Review and Wear Test of a Silicone FREE Foundation

Milk makeup.JPG

As you may or may not know, finding a liquid foundation that doesn’t have silicone in it is quite a feat. Some of us have a very high sensitivity to silicone products… and anything with dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, and a number of other ingredients that fall in the family of silicones, breaks us out terribly. Unfortunately silicone is also an ingredient that’s used to keep skin more matte throughout the day and also to fill in pores. So imagine my surprise that there is a liquid foundation that claims to be Matte and also is silicone free.

The claims and the brand…

Milk makeup is a relatively new makeup brand to Sephora, that seems to emphasize that natural makeup appearance. I haven’t tried too many products from milk makeup but they seem to be designed for the girl on the go having lots of products in Stick form, and they’re colored products seem to be a very neutral range.

This product claims to be a matte, full coverage Foundation, that is ultra weightless and lets the skin breathe. It supposed to instantly minimize the look of pores and I guess, blur based on the name. This product is vegan, oil-free gluten-free, and silicone-free, and has a four out of five star rating on Sephora.

Well this last on my ultra sensitive Ultra oily skin? One way to find out,  let’s play!


You might see this later on in the post, during the application this Foundation… but it is a little bit light for me, so I wanted to point out that it’s not an exact shade match.

foundation swatches.jpg
Maybelline FIT ME Matte & Poreless is my perfect shade match. Milani Conceal and Perfect also works for me, even though it looks more yellow,  because I have a warmer skin tone.

First Impression…


1. Day 1 Before.jpg
As you can see I have some acne scarring to cover on my cheeks. Let’s see if this full coverage foundation can give me the coverage I need. I don’t really have any visible dry patches, but I have some around acne marks.


1. Day 1 After flashback.jpg
Woo! Hello flashback. Sorry about the ghost face. The foundation shade “Light” is maybe half a shade light for me but it flashes lighter on camera flash.

I would definitely agree with the claim that this Foundation is full coverage. A little bit goes a long way and if you use too much it can look a little bit cakey.  One thing to note almost immediately is that this product transfers all over everything.

I wore my glasses for approximately 10 seconds and instantly near the nose pads I lost all of the foundation. This transferability might mean that foundation will get on everything you touch but it also helps with the spread when you’re putting it on your face. It’s spread out super evenly and had a nice satin-finish. Surprisingly it felt powdery to the touch, but I still powdered the areas where my glasses tend to touch my face throughout the day to see if it would help with the transfer.
Unfortunately, though my skin is oily, I am on some pretty harsh acne medications that leave me with dry patches. And yes I did exfoliate, but it still clung a tiny bit to dry patches on my cheeks. The clinging isnt too bad, but I think the oil-free claims are true , tennis Foundation might not be what you’re looking for  if you want something to give some moisture back into the skin.

First check in

1. First check in.jpg
The flashback seems to have decreased throughout the day. Look at those glasses creasing though…

I feel a little bit oily but it’s not too terrible. The biggest issue I have with this Foundation is that it looks very dry and Cakey where it was applied a little too thick, and that it transfers on absolutely everything. You can see that even though I powder the areas where my glasses touch my face it’s still transferred and move the foundation very obviously. And when blotting the foundation just patched off my face. The plus side is that you can easily blend the foundation back into place as it just moves around your face.

1. Blotting.jpg
Enter a caption

End of the day

1. Final check in.jpg
This picture shows the foundation more true to color, there is no flashback… It’s just a tad too light for my skin tone.

I have the usual amount of oil that I have at the end of the day, nothing excessive. The foundation just looks dryer and dryer on the areas where it caked up. I think I’m going to try this foundation with a little bit more moisturizer to prime my skin. I usually don’t use the thick moisturizer on a daily basis and just a moisturizing toner and my skin is manageable… But onto day 2!

Day 2: more moisturizer

First Check in

2. Day 2 with priming.jpg
There are SOME cakey areas, but it looks much better today. The flashback is still as crazy as ever!

See what I did differently is I used a light moisturizer to see if that will help and also a super light layer of the foundation since it’s such high coverage see if that would reduce the cakiness.

Final Check in

2. Day 2 final check in.jpg
Also with flash

I found that there was less cakiness but it definitely brought outsome dry patches that I didn’t even know that I had… but the good news is I didn’t blot at midday and my skin isn’t feeling obnoxiously oily. And from further away you can’t really see the dryness/cakiness, until you get less than 6 inches from my face.

I think this will be a nice everyday foundation for work when I’m not wearing my glasses because it transfers so much, normally I don’t touch my face so I don’t have to worry about transfer on a day-to-day basis. But if I have a date or I’m going to be hugging people and I wouldn’t want to wear this because it literally gets all over everything you touch.

The best news of all is that foundations with this kind of coverage tend to break me out… and so far I have no breakouts, or unpleasant itchiness and I think a large part of that is the fact that it’s silicone free!

Final Thoughts

Mattifying Level (At initial application)

Mattifying level.JPG
This foundation is very skin-like. It looks natural, not oily, and not matte.

Coverage Level (At initial application)

Coverage Level.JPG
The coverage is gorgeous. If you have acne scars this will definitely get the job done!

Longevity and wear (Includes level of greasiness, fading, and end of the night appearance)

Longevity and wear.JPG
Besides some of the cakiness, which didn’t seem to get worse, I really like how this foundation looks. I didn’t get super greasy, but I feel that this foundation might be too moisturizing in the summer. Here in the winter time however, when I only use 1 blotting sheet, 2 times a day, it’s perfect.

Maybe she’s born with it?

Maybe shes born with it.JPG
If you get close… and you have any dry patches, you WILL see them. If you have no dry patches at all this rating would be much higher. From a further distance, this does look super natural.


This foundation retails for $40, which is not cheap. It’s also not super expensive like La Mer, or Tom Ford… so I placed it right in the middle. Besides, for a very rare and silicone free foundation it was worth it to me.

Final Score: 


You know what. I can NEVER find a foundation that won’t break me out. Even some mineral/powders break me out. So to find a full coverage liquid foundation that doesn’t break me out? I’m super excited about it. It looses a star because it transfers everywhere and I can’t wear it with my glasses for that reason… but if you have ULTRA sensitive skin. Give this foundation a try!

****December 24th, 2017 UPDATE: After wearing this foundation 4 days in a row I began to get small comedones all over my face! There was nothing breaking out until that point so I think that this might be one that is deceptively hard to cleanse off the skin. I usually use a cotton pad with micellar water, then go in with a foam cleanser… but I do know that for more intense make up days I have to go in with a melting balm or an oil cleanser as well…. For those of you who plan on using this for daily use, really go in with a heavy duty cleanser! ****




******FULL DISCLOSURE: This are my personal experiences and thoughts. I am not being paid by the brand or the company to review this product or talk about any claims. This product was not sent to me. I have no affiliation or monetary gain at stake for rating this product highly or poorly.*******


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